AZ iBeauty Love

I can't believe how simple my makeup process has become!

"I don't usually use very much makeup, and my new lashes have simplified my beauty process even more. Being a say at home mom keeps me busy and doesn't allow much time for myself. Having lashes helps me feel put together and pretty when Im in full mom mode."


My lashes allow me to go without a stitch of makeup and yet still feel put together.

"The VOLUME lash technique Anna uses makes my lashes nice and full yet light as a feather. ... I can barely tell they are on. I can easily sleep in them and don't have to worry about washing my mascara off at night. I am easily addicted to my volume lashes."


I can't say enough positive things about Anna's eyelashes.

"She is such a perfectionist and a real stylist. At my ripe age I'm not exactly drop dead gorgeous but with these lashes Im getting closer. "


Everywhere I go I get compliments on my lashes!

Anna has been doing my lashes now for over 2 years! Good lash artists are hard to find but Anna is by far the best! Not only is she an amazing lash artist, but also a truly good person! Everywhere I go I get compliments on my lashes! I'm totally lash obsessed. Anna always has me looking on point! I've referred a lot of people to her and they all love her and the fabulous work she does! Anna never seizes to amaze me when she's working her magic!